Sep 9, 2012

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Tourism Development 2012

Tourism Development 2012
The Balungao Hot and Cold Springs is the treasure of the town of Balungao.   As the LGU recognized its potential for economic growth, other adventure amenities were constructed in addition to the existing pools of hot and cold springs.  This paradigm shift has unpredictably highlighted the local government’s resource and became its prevalent source of income.

For the year 2012, records have shown that this tourist destination has been visited by almost 100,000 tourists to date.  As being one of the most visited places not only in the province but in the entire country, Balungao has made its place in the map of tourism and has also become a local, national and international media favorite.   Many travelers have discovered this haven from international channel shown in some place in the world.
The construction of the 1,400 km or 1400 Kilometer Zipline will place us in the number 1 spot among the longest ziplines in Asia and number 4 rank for the longest zipline in the World.
The municipal grounds are continuously being developed and maintained by the LGU.  These are places where outdoor activities or functions may be held, and where leisure time may be spent.
Due to the continuous development in the tourism unit, additional jobs are created, and more projects are now achievable due to the income it generates for the Municipality.
On-Going Construction of New Zipline (1.4kms)
Construction of Launching and Landing Pad for the New Zipline
Purchase of Additional 2 units All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)